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Formal motions considered by Council

Formal Motions Moved by Notice

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s (The Council) Standing Order 16 outlines how the Council deals with formal Motions moved by Notice and Motions that are moved without notice.

Notice of Motions Moved by Notice must be received in writing by the Chief Executive, signed by the Member or Members of the Council giving the notice, not later than at least 7 clear days before the next Meeting of the Council.

All Motions received are dated and numbered as received and entered in a Register to be kept for that purpose. The Notice of Motion(s) is entered by the Chief Executive in the appropriate place within the Meeting agenda in the order in which the Motion(s) were received.

With effect from May 2017, those Motions Moved by Notice will be published on this section of the Council’s website.

List of Motions

Date Meeting Motion
03 Mar 2020 Council Domestic Abuse and Parental Alienation
03 Mar 2020 Council Law on Gambling
04 Feb 2020 Council Soft Opt – Out Organ Donation
05 Nov 2019 Council Prototype Changes to Elective Care
05 Nov 2019 Council Perinatal Hospice Care Facility
05 Nov 2019 Council Crisis in the Beef Industry
05 Aug 2019 Council Welfare Mitigation’s
25 Jul 2019 Council Stroke Unit at the South West Acute Hospital (SWAH)
25 Jul 2019 Council Animal Abuse
02 Jul 2019 Council Silver Poppy of Remembrance
02 Jul 2019 Council GP Services in Roslea
02 Jul 2019 Council Omagh Opportunity Sites Taskforce
02 Jul 2019 Council Climate Crisis
04 Jun 2019 Council Local Government Officers Superannuation Committee
02 Apr 2019 Council Air Ambulance
05 Mar 2019 Council Zero Hours Contracts
05 Mar 2019 Council Condition of Roads in the Council area
05 Mar 2019 Council Geological Disposal Facility
05 Feb 2019 Council Goldmine and Processing Plant (LA10/2017/1249/F)
05 Feb 2019 Council Rate Reform
05 Feb 2019 Council Crowley Report
04 Dec 2018 Council “On the Ball” Campaign
04 Dec 2018 Council Paediatric Pathologist
02 Oct 2018 Council Wearing of life-jackets / personal flotation devices
02 Oct 2018 Council Suicide Strategy
03 Sep 2018 Council Construction of a bridge between Northern Ireland, Scotland and the North of England
04 Sep 2018 Council Brexit
26 Jul 2018 Council PIP Assessment Process
05 Jun 2018 Council No hardening of the border in Ireland
01 May 2018 Council Burial costs for under 18s
04 Apr 2018 Council Boundary Commission’s 2018 Review
06 Feb 2018 Council Right to Work: Right to Welfare Checklist for Social Security Decision Makers
06 Feb 2018 Council Gambling
02 Jan 2018 Council Bombardier Aerospace
05 Dec 2017 Council Brexit
07 Nov 2017 Council Anti-Sectarianism
07 Nov 2017 Council Universal Credit Scheme
07 Nov 2017 Council Enniskillen Poppy Day Bomb
07 Nov 2017 Council Changes to Drivers Licensing requirements and the use of section 10b permits
03 Oct 2017 Council Police Ombudsman’s Report into the Killing of Councillor Patsy Kelly
05 May 2017 Council Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Standing Order 16
04 Jun 2017 Council Conservative Party and DUP Agreement
02 May 2017 Council Reinstatement of the Area of Natural Constraint Scheme