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Written comments on the applications listed below should be submitted within 14 days of the date advertised. Please quote the application reference in all correspondence and note that all written representations made, including objections, will be posted online.

You can also view full details of these applications, including detailed proposals and plans at our public offices, by calling 0300 303 1777 (Text Phone 028 8225 6216), or by emailing

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Our Responsibilities

We are responsible for delivering planning functions in the Fermanagh and Omagh District. This involves:

  • receiving and making decisions on the majority of planning applications
  • enforcing breaches of planning permission
  • making tree preservation orders
  • protecting and preserving built heritage
  • producing a local development plan outlining how land should be used and developed in the future.

Planning Department - Fees for Non-Statutory Services


For clarification on charges please contact the Planning Department

Northern Ireland Planning Portal

Our Planning Office

Please be advised that Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s Enniskillen based Planning Department and the Regional Property Certificate Unit are temporarily relocating to the former Fermanagh Visitor Information Centre (located opposite the Ulsterbus Depot), 7 Shore Road, Enniskillen on 3 December 2018. The Planning Department and Regional Property Certificate Unit will continue to operate as normal from the Shore Road premises with telephone – 0300 303 1777- and email contacts remaining the same. Opening hours also remain as normal, Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm.

Our public offices are located at 16 High Street (to the rear of the Public Services Centre – members of the public who wish to speak with Planning Officers in person are asked to report to the reception area of the Public Services Centre where they will be directed to the appropriate meeting area), Omagh Co Tyrone, BT78 1BQ and Fermanagh Visitor Information Centre, 7 Shore Road, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh BT74 7EF and they are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

From here you can pick up an application form, submit a completed application, pay fees and check the status of an application.

Do I need planning permission?

The type of work you intend to carry out will determine if you need planning permission, the type of application you need to make and if you need building regulation approval.

How to apply for planning

Pre-application advice

We offer a pre-application discussion service for you to speak with a Planning Officer and discuss proposals before you make an application.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact us.

There are three types of planning applications:

  1. Local applications: these are typically smaller, more straightforward application.
  2. Major applications: larger, more complex applications with pre-application requirements.
  3. Regionally significant applications: these applications will be determined by the Department of Environment.

From 1 July 2015, if you want to submit a major application, you need to consult with the community on your proposals before submitting your application.

Forms for local and major applications are available in two ways:

  • You can call into our public offices at 16 High Street, Omagh, Co Tyrone, BT78 1BQ (members of the public who wish to speak with Planning Officers in person are asked to report to the reception area of the Public Services Centre where they will be directed to the appropriate meeting area) and Fermanagh Visitor Information Centre, 7 Shore Road, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh BT74 7EF, and they are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Returning your application for planning permission

Your application must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and supporting documentation to be processed.

You can pay your fee in one of two ways:

  • pay by cheque – just make it payable to Fermanagh & Omagh District Council or cash.

Completed application forms and fees can be submitted:

  • by post (please enclose a cheque made payable to Fermanagh & Omagh District Council )
  • in person at our public offices at 16 High Street, Omagh, Co Tyrone, BT78 1BQ and Fermanagh Visitor Information Centre, 7 Shore Road, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh BT74 7EF, and they are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

We’re unable to offer an online application or payment service at this time.

How we make planning decisions

The type, size and complexity of an application will determine how a decision is made. There are three ways in which a decision can be made:

  • A planning officer may have the authority to determine smaller, more straightforward applications.
  • Our Members of Committee will consider all major applications and others it feels may be of significance for the district.
  • The Department of the Environment will make decisions that have regional significance.

Request to speak to committee

If you’d like to speak to our planning committee about a planning application, please email your request to or telephone 0300 303 1777, Extension 20207 or 20203 . You need to have the application reference number and you must submit the request before 5:00pm on the Monday before the committee meeting. You can only speak to committee if you’ve submitted a written response to an application.

Once we receive your application we will be in touch with more information.

Meeting Dates

  • Thursday 6th June 2019 – The Grange, Omagh *
  • Wednesday 19 June 2019 – Townhall, Enniskillen
  • Wednesday 17 July 2019 – The Grange, Omagh
  • August – Summer Recess – No Meeting 
  • Wednesday 18 September 2019 -Townhall, Enniskillen
  • Wednesday 16 October 2019 – The Grange, Omagh
  • Wednesday 20 November 2019 – Townhall, Enniskillen
  • Thursday 12 December 2019 – The Grange, Omagh **
  • Wednesday 22 January 2020 – Townhall, Enniskillen
  • Wednesday 19 February 2020 –  The Grange, Omagh
  • Wednesday 18 March 2020 –  Townhall, Enniskillen
* Additional Planning Meeting – 6 June  
** Planning Committee moved to 12 December due to Christmas Holidays 


Download file: Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation

23rd July 2019
PDF - 125 KB
Download file: EIA Advert LA10 2019 0195 F

EIA Advert LA10 2019 0195 F

30th August 2019
PDF - 60 KB
Download file: Planning Committee Protocol

Planning Committee Protocol

30th August 2019
PDF - 230 KB
Download file: Applicant/Agent Protocol - A Good Practice Guide

Applicant/Agent Protocol - A Good Practice Guide

30th August 2019
PDF - 306 KB
Download file: Essential Information for Planning Applications

Essential Information for Planning Applications

30th August 2019
PDF - 113 KB

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Applications Currently Open for Comment

23rd September 2019

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2019/1086/F 35 Tarmon Brae Rossorry Enniskillen Alterations and rear extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1085/F 41 Kingstown Road Keenaghy Lisnaskea 2 storey side extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1082/F Lands 300m North East of 37 Breagho Road Breagho Enniskillen Replacement Wind Turbine - 54m Rotor Diameter 54m Hub height
LA10/2019/1084/F 360m East North East of 37 Breagho Road Breagho Enniskillen Replacement Wind Turbine 54m Rotor Diameter 54m Hub Height
LA10/2019/1087/F 109 Lough Eyes Road Drumkeenragh Tempo Bungalow to replace existing dwelling
LA10/2019/1095/O 60m South of 127 Gurteen Road Gorteen Garrison Two storey farm dwelling with domestic garage
LA10/2019/1098/RM Lands 50m South East of 41 Mullynaherb Road Kinawley 1.5 Storey farm dwelling with detached domestic garage
LA10/2019/1099/F 90 Crott Road Crott Monea Single storey side extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/0493/F 41 Eshnadarragh Road Dernawilt East Rosslea Re-advertisement - Two story extension to rear of dwelling, incorporating ancillary accommodation within existing dwelling (Amended Description)
LA10/2019/1074/RM Site adjacent to and North of 35 Spring Road Mountfield Omagh Dwelling and domestic garage
LA10/2019/1089/F Approximately 420m north east of 124 Rockstown Road Carrickmore Prop alternative 250KW wind turbine in replacement of existing installed 250KW wind turbine with 30m high tower and 30m rotor diameter (approval K/2011/0040/F). Replacement turbine to have hub height increased to 50m and rotor diameter increased to 51.5m
LA10/2019/1093/F 17 Tircur Road Dunbreen Omagh BT79 7TY Extension to domestic garage to provide tool store
LA10/2019/1088/F 37 Knockgreenan Avenue Hospital Road Omagh Proposed ground floor side extension for sun room, and rear kitchen extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1094/F 10 and 12 High Street Omagh Proposed change of use of Club billiard room to shop store, with installation of internal passenger lift and new internal doorway to access same
LA10/2019/1080/F Lands at 150 Tamlaght Road Omagh Co Tyrone Retention of two storey building - ancillary to approved golf driving range facility. Building to be used as associated facilities building included reception area, front desk, storage rooms, toilets and golf training/teaching facilities
LA10/2019/1081/F 17 Raneese Road Seskinore Omagh Replacement roof on dwelling
LA10/2019/1083/O Approx 100m North of no. 125 Seskinore Road Seskinore Omagh 2 no. proposed dwellings
LA10/2019/1090/O Adjacent to and South West of 77 Botera Road Corlea Omagh Proposed site for dwelling
LA10/2019/1097/O Site 65m East of 57 Gillygooley Road Omagh Two storey dwelling and garage

16th September 2019

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2019/1060/F Enniskillen Workhouse Former Erne Hospital Site Cornagrade Road Enniskillen Change of use (And alterations) From Former Hospital Stores / Offices / Maintenance Building to heritage centre with Office / Conference Accommodation including new railings, car park barrier and street lighting upgrade
LA10/2019/1064/LBC Enniskillen Workhouse Former Erne Hospital Site Cornagrade Road Enniskillen Change of Use (and alterations) from former hospital store/offices/maintenance building to heritage centre with office/conference accommodation.
LA10/2019/1068/F 64 Carrickyheenan Broughderg Brookborough Alterations and rear extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1072/F 14 Owenskerry Lane Owenskerry Brookeborough Single storey rear extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1048/F 4 Market Street Ederney Retention of perimeter fencing to frontage and side of existing shop premises
LA10/2019/1066/F 15 Edenmore Crescent Tempo Single storey rear extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1050/F 7 Crom Cruaich Way Belcoo East Belcoo Two storey rear extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1052/O 300m East of 123 Knockmore Road Rossinure More Derrygonnelly Farm dwelling
LA10/2019/1053/F Immediately NE of 8-14 Castle Hume Court Ballyhose Enniskillen Boat House - single storey structure accommodating up to 9 no boats
LA10/2019/1056/O 60M South West of 66 Drumlettagh Road Drumlettagh Derrylin - North East of Corraquill Cottages BT92 9FT 13 No. Self Catering Holiday Cottages, 6 No. Glamping Pods and Visitor Reception/Managers Building
LA10/2019/1055/F 51 Gortin Road Omagh Change of use from commercial printers to small animal veterinary clinic
LA10/2019/1059/F Adjacent to and 30m SE of 35 Rock Road Formil Mountfield Omagh Change of dwelling design and access position from approval LA10/2015/0447/F (Dwelling and garage)
LA10/2019/1067/F 26 Erganagh Road Omagh Proposed change of house type from that previously approved under K/2003/0202/O, K/2006/1205/RM and K/2009/0665/F
LA10/2019/1069/F 390 Crockanboy Road Creggan Omagh Detached domestic double garage, gym and store
LA10/2019/1045/F 14 Dromore Road Omagh Proposed rear extension to existing service station
LA10/2019/1051/O 32 Old Mountfield Road Omagh Development of 3 no. maisonettes (1 no. pair of semi-detached and 1 no. detached) (Renewal of planning approval LA10/2016/0905/O)
LA10/2019/1057/F 59 Cannondale Omagh Single storey extension to rear of existing end terrace dwelling
LA10/2019/1046/O 20m East of 8 Curly Road Curly Dromore Co Tyrone Site for one and a half storey off-site replacement dwelling with detached domestic garage
LA10/2019/1065/O Site approx. 40m South of 39 Gillygooley Road Omagh Proposed two storey dwelling
LA10/2019/1071/F Lands 80m NE of 16 Eskragh Road Eskra Omagh Section 54 application to vary condition no. 1 (Time limit) of planning approval LA10/2018/0827/F (Minerals extraction, office, weighbridges and wheelwash) to extend the time condition for works to commence from 12 months to 24 months
LA10/2019/0805/F Adjacent to and East of 65 Drumlegagh Road South Omagh Re-advertisement - Erection of dwelling and garage- Change of house type and amended curtilage, siting and access(Amended description)
LA10/2019/0947/F Approximately 100m North East of 21 Mullawinny Road Omagh accessing onto Glennan Road Omagh Re-advertisement - Replace existing wind turbine approved under K/2013/0463/F, with 150kw wind turbine with hub height of 31.5m and blade diameter increased to 29m (Amended Previous Ref Number)

9th September 2019

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2019/1021/F The Boatyard Riverside Enniskillen Retention of existing winch shed, storage shed, mooring arm, trolley and concrete ramp
LA10/2019/1022/F 20 The Brook Enniskillen 2 Storey replacement domestic storage building
LA10/2019/1030/F 20 Benaughlin Park Enniskillen Single storey extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1036/F Postal Nos 30 32 34 36 52 54 56 58 Lough View Meadows Kinarla Derrygonnelly Road Enniskillen Amended 2 storey semi-detached house design to previous approval LA10/2016/1206/F (Housing)
LA10/2019/1039/O 25m NW of 63 Irvinestown Road Drumclay Enniskillen Two Storey House
LA10/2019/1024/F 63 Millwood Road Millwood Lisbellaw Single storey side extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1037/F 25m NE of 170 Boa Island Road Keenaghan Belleek Farm Dwelling
LA10/2019/1025/RM 90m South of 132 Loughside Road Drumnasreane Garrison Dwelling and domestic garage
LA10/2019/1028/F No. 176 Knockmore Road Barr of Drumgormly Garrison Replacement dwelling with detached domestic garage
LA10/2019/1035/F 270m SW of 11 Greystone Road Mullaghree Enniskillen Farm building comprising sheep holding and handling areas (retrospective application)
LA10/2019/1027/F Immediately North West of 94 Spring Road Drumnakilly Omagh Section 54 application for variance of conditions 1 and 7 of LA10/2018/0309/F (sand & gravel extraction) to permit extension of cessation date to 19th September 2030, and to allow phase one completion extended to 19th September 2021
LA10/2019/1043/F 129 Tiroony Road Carrickmore Omagh BT79 9HD Proposed single storey front extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/1038/F The Coach Inn 1 Railway Terrace Omagh Co Tyrone BT78 5AJ Partial first floor change of use from a snooker hall to function room
LA10/2019/1041/F Lands immediately adjoining and NW of junction of Tamlaght Road and Brookmount Road Omagh Change of house types from previous approval LA10/2018/0217/F (Housing development) (Sites 19, 20, 21 and 22)
LA10/2019/1042/RM Adjacent to 5 Coolnagard Lane Omagh Proposed detached single storey dwelling
LA10/2019/1023/F Approx. 25m NE of 25 Claragh Road Drumquin Proposed dwelling and domestic garage
LA10/2019/1033/F 40a Greenan Road Cavanamara Trillick Proposed single storey extension to dwelling house

2nd September 2019

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2019/1011/F Lands between 6 Lambrook Drive and 50 Lambrook Grove, Omagh 8 no. two storey Townhouses
LA10/2019/1012/F Adjacent to 1-6 Lambrook Grove, Omagh 3 storey block of 6 Apartments
LA10/2019/1000/F Approx 60m SE of no. 53 Curr Road, Beragh Omagh Dwelling and Garage
LA10/2019/1001/O Approx. 70m SE of 56 Routingburn Road, Garvaghy, Ballygawley Dwelling and Garage
LA10/2019/1009/RM Land between 55 and 59 Ballygowan Road, Tamlaght, Omagh Infill Dwelling and Garage
LA10/2019/1013/F 60 Letfern Road, Seskinore, Omagh Replacement dwelling and attached garage (Change of house type to that approved under K/2010/0462/F, Replacement Dwelling and Garage)
LA10/2019/1015/F 110 Salloon Road, Ballinmallard Co Fermanagh Two storey dwelling with garage - Amended design, siting and site boundary, previous approval L/2008/0299/RM for same
LA10/2019/1020/F 25 Duross Road, Irvinestown Co Fermanagh Holiday chalet - Amended design to previous approval L/99/0354/F (10 Holiday chalets)
LA10/2019/1005/O Adjacent to and S of 156 Nutfield Road, Lisnaskea Dwelling and Garage
LA10/2019/1007/F 88 Carrickyheenan Road Brookeborough Co Fermanagh Domestic Garage
LA10/2019/1008/F 60m SW of 71 Rellan Road, Roslea Co Fermanagh Dwelling with Garage
LA10/2019/1014/F 44 Rossmacaffrey Road, Lisnaskea Co Fermanagh Extension to dwelling with domestic store
LA10/2019/0991/F 8 Dromore Road, Irvinestown Change of use of vacant site to a car sales yard and erection of 2 no. modular buildings
LA10/2019/1002/O 50m SW of 228 Brollagh Road, Belleek Co Fermanagh Dwelling and Garage
LA10/2019/1004/F Rangers Soccer Club 7 Aughaward Road, Enniskillen Facility building including terrace, changing rooms, gym, and meeting rooms
LA10/2019/1003/O 170m W of 128 Glennasheevar Road, Garrison Dwelling with Garage

26th August 2019

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2019/0972/F 8 Old Rossorry Crescent Rossorry Enniskillen Replacement Dwelling with integral domestic garage
LA10/2019/0975/F Poundstretcher 11 Dublin Road Enniskillen External wall cladding to Dublin Road facade
LA10/2019/0976/F Unit 20 Lackaghboy Road Lackaghboy Enniskillen Retention of temporary change of use from factory to church for 5 years
LA10/2019/0992/F Castle Archdale Country Park 346 KIlladeas Road Rossmore Irvinestown Remembrance Memorial
LA10/2019/0993/F 15 Tullyavey Road Laragh Ballinamallard Front extension & 2No dormer windows to dwelling plus roadside wall
LA10/2019/0994/F Opposite 180 Killadeas Road Gublusk Ballinamallard Remembrance Memorial
LA10/2019/0995/F 9 Tonystick Mews Tonystick Enniskillen Change of use from dwelling to holiday let
LA10/2019/0856/F 59 Cleenish Park Enniskillen Re-advertisement - Single storey extension to rear of dwelling with covered car parking to gable, ramped access and drive way and extension to the curtilage.
LA10/2019/0980/F 60m South of 127 Lisnaskea Road Rossgad Lisnaskea Dwelling on a Farm
LA10/2019/0996/F 2 Station Park Maguiresbridge Single storey side extension to dwelling
LA10/2019/0997/O Between 54 and 58 Boyhill Road Boyhill Maguiresbridge Site for dwelling
LA10/2019/0969/F 300m ENE of 37 Letter Road Aghnablaney Kesh Retention of 7no Bubble Domes and ancillary siteworks
LA10/2019/0978/F 255m East of 27 Dorney Bridge Road Killymendon Ballinamallard Replacement Wind Turbine - Vestas V52 250kw, 50m Tower Height and 52m rotor diameter
LA10/2019/0981/O 15m North of 22 Edenmore Crescent Tempo Proposed development of 4 private dwellings together with private driveway, renewal of approval LA10/2015/0811/O for same
LA10/2019/0999/O 45m West of 178 Boho Road Tullyholvin Upper Boho Enniskillen Farm dwelling with domestic garage
LA10/2019/0966/F Lands at Tievebrack approx 2.8km South Est of junction of Glennelly Road and Sperrin Road Co Tyrone Retention of 80m Met Mast and guywires for 5 years
LA10/2019/0967/F Mountfield Quarry22 Inisclan Road MountfieldOmaghBT79 7QB Non- Compliance with condition 2 (operating hours) attached to permission LA10/2019/0632/F (Roadstone Plant Quarry)
LA10/2019/0971/F 1 Beattie Villas Edenderry Omagh Alterations to domestic storage building to side of dwelling
LA10/2019/0977/F 45 Glendore Wood Killyclogher Omagh BT79 7LF Proposed single storey side extension and two storey rear extension with two number dormers to front elevation
LA10/2019/0984/F 99m SE of 16 Moylagh Road Beragh Cattle shed with underground slurry tank
LA10/2019/0988/F Immediately East of 71 Edenderry Road Edenderry Omagh Proposed low density housing development consisting of 5 no. two storey dwellings, (Three different house types). Renewal of planning approval K/2013/0488/F (Housing development).
LA10/2019/0990/F Approx. 305m NE of 5 Ramacken Road Sixmilecross (Accessing onto Drumlester Road Sixmilecross) Renewal of K/2013/0226/F for a single 250kw wind turbine with a 27m blade diameter and a 30m tower to generate electricity for farm business and excess to the grid
LA10/2019/0970/F 4 Retreat View Killyclogher Omagh Single storey side and rear extension to dwelling, and associated works to provide kitchen/dining area
LA10/2019/0973/O Approx 260 North North West of NO 27 Clanabogan Road Clanabogan Omagh Proposed replacement dwelling
LA10/2019/0974/F Unit 11 Showgrounds Retail Park 20 Sedan Avenue Omagh Change of use from Retail unit (Class A1) to Insurance (Class A2)
LA10/2019/0979/F 1 Holmview Terrace Omagh Change of use from hairdressing salon to Coffee shop, including small single storey extension to the rear, including new shop front
LA10/2019/0983/F 24a Campsie Crescent Omagh Change of use from garage to apartment
LA10/2019/0982/F 44 Derrybard Road Fintona BT78 2JH Single storey side and rear extension to dwelling and single storey detached garage