What types of noise complaint does the Council deal with?

Fermanagh & Omagh District Council’s Environmental Health Service investigates numerous complaints from many noise sources such as audible bird scarers, ice cream chimes, off road motor cycle scrambling, roosters, etc.

Noise emanating from premises such as pubs, clubs and discos which have an Entertainment Licence is controlled by enforcing the Licensing conditions to ensure residents in the area are not unreasonably disturbed and could result in the Entertainment Licence being revoked.

When noise from construction sites is affecting residents or businesses in an area, the Council can intervene and restrict the hours of operation, the use of certain noisy equipment or set noise limits in order to provide protection to those being affected by the noise.

Please Note

If you make a complaint, the Council will endeavour to ensure your complaint details remain confidential but this cannot always be guaranteed.  Additionally, in some circumstances, during investigation, it may be necessary to disclose personal details.

What types of noise complaint does the Council not deal with?

Complaints of shouting or rowdy behaviour in the street, car alarms or car horns are a matter for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) contactable at 101.

Complaints of noise from civil or military aircraft should be made to:

Civil Aircraft – Ports and Public Transport Division, Department for Regional Development (DRD) contactable at 028 90 540540.

Military Aircraft (Planes and Helicopters) – Army Headquarters Northern Ireland contactable at 028 92 665111.