What goes in my bin?

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One black (green) landfill bin for non-recyclable waste, one blue recycling bin and either a brown compostable bin for garden and food waste or a 23L caddy for separate food waste collection (dependant on location) will be collected per household except in exceptional circumstances.

Please ensure that any ropes or bungee cords attached to your bin are removed prior to collection as they are a health and safety risk for our Refuse Collection Crews.

Blue Bin Recycling

You must use your blue recycling bin to dispose of recyclable waste.  All material must be placed in your blue recycling bin Clean, Dry Empty and Flat.


Brown Food Waste Caddy and Wheelie Bin

Brown waste caddies and wheelie bins are used for the collection of food waste.


Black and Green Landfill Bin

The green/black bin is for all non-recyclable waste and we like to think of this bin as the last resort!


Disposal of hazardous waste

Waste is hazardous when it has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment. Hazardous waste must not be placed in your kerbside collection bins.