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Registering a Birth

COVID-19 Update

In line with Stay at Home advice birth registrations at the Grange, Omagh and County Buildings, Enniskillen, are suspended for 3 weeks with effect from 25 March 2020. Please email or phone 028 8225 6212 or 028 6634 2428 if you require advice.

Parents can continue to register their child at a GP practice during the suspension of the birth registration process. Parents should be advised that they will require the following information when they contact the GP practice:

1. Child’s Health & Care Number.
2. Full name child is to be registered as.
3. Home Address child will be residing at.



When and where should I register

By law, your baby’s birth must be registered within 42 days of the date of birth.

If the birth took place in Northern Ireland it can be registered in any District Registration Office within Northern Ireland.

What will I receive?

Once the registration is completed, the Registrar will give you one free short birth certificate and an infant registration form (HS123) to register with your family doctor and obtain your child’s medical card.  Birth certificates, either long or short, can be purchased at the time of registration for £8 per copy.

More information

The Registrar’s Office can also provide help and advice about the following issues:

  • re-registering a birth, for example, if you want to add the father’s name after the initial registration
  • recording name changes.

Detailed information about all these topics is available from the NI Direct website.


File Type Size Date
Birth Registration Form 2020 pdf 3 MB 17th January 2020

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