COVID-19 arrangements
The Council’s five cemeteries are open under their normal opening hours. 

Visitors to cemeteries must follow social distancing measures, maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres from others visiting the cemetery.

Cemeteries will be closed to the public during funeral services with visitors who are not part of the funeral group asked to leave the cemetery 30 minutes before the funeral. Cemeteries will reopen following the departure of the funeral party from the cemetery.

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is responsible for five Municipal cemeteries in the District. The locations are as follows:-

  • Cross Cemetery, located adjacent to the Irvinestown Road (but accessible through Carran Industrial Estate) in Enniskillen, BT74 4RN
  • Green Hill Cemetery, Gortin Rd, Omagh BT79 7HT
  • Fintona Cemetery, Tattymoyle/Lisdergan Rd, Fintona, Co. Tyrone
  • Breandrum Cemetery, Tempo Rd, Enniskillen, BT74 6HR
  • Dublin Rd Cemetery, 112 Dublin Rd, Omagh, BT78 1TT.

Breandrum Cemetery in Enniskillen and the Dublin Rd Cemetery in Omagh are both closed cemeteries. Only new plots for the burial of a child are available for purchase in Breandrum.


Charges from 1st April 2022

Purchase of Right of Burial Resident (£) Non- Resident (£)
Single Plot Adult 213.00 426.00
Double Plot Adult 426.00 852.00
Child* 61.80* 105.06*
Interment – Adult 213.00 426.00
Interment – Child** No charge FOC
Interment – Cremated Ashes 101.00 202.00
Erection of Memorial 68.00 136.00
Duplicate Grant/Transfer Fee 26.00 52.00
Special fee including administration and opening a grave 965.00 965.00

** Interment fees for a child have been abolished from 1st May 2018. The definition of a child is a person under the age of 18 years of age.

*  Breandrum Cemetery only


Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations governing the administration of the Cemeteries is available to download in the related document section or a copy can be requested by contacting the Cemeteries Department on 03003031777.

Application Forms

Application forms for interment and for the erection of headstones are available to download in the related document section.


Funeral Arrangements and Interments

Funeral arrangements can be made by contacting an Undertaker. He or She will then make the necessary arrangements with the relevant Cemetery Warden.

Headstone Application

Applications to erect a headstone in any municipal cemetery must be made to the Council. The cost to process an application is outlined above. No such works should be undertaken unless written approval is given by the Council and the headstone erected on site must be as per the application submitted and approved.

Details are available in the Rules and Regulations booklet available to download in the related document section.



File Type Size Date
All Cemeteries Rules and Regulations July 16 docx 1 MB 9th March 2017
FODC-Application-for-Interment doc 328 KB 19th October 2018
Application for Purchase of a Plot doc 322 KB 19th November 2018
Declaration for Undertakers Monumental Sculptors docx 61 KB 19th November 2018
FODC Headstone Application Form 2019 docx 93 KB 14th November 2019