There are 40 councillors representing our constituents’ needs, across the seven wards in the Fermanagh & Omagh District Council boundary.

You can click on any councillor’s name below for further information, including their contact details.

You can also search for your local Councillor by inputting your postcode into the ‘Find your Councillor’ interactive map.

Click here for the scheme of Allowances Payable to Councillors

Click here for the code of conduct for Councillors


Meet our Councillors


Visit: Cllr Debbie Coyle

Cllr Debbie Coyle

Visit: Cllr Howard Thornton (Council Chairman)

Cllr Howard Thornton (Council Chairman)

Visit: Cllr Keith Elliott

Cllr Keith Elliott

Visit: Cllr Paul Blake

Cllr Paul Blake

Visit: Cllr Robert Irvine

Cllr Robert Irvine

Visit: Cllr Tommy Maguire

Cllr Tommy Maguire

Erne East

Visit: Cllr Brian McCaffrey

Cllr Brian McCaffrey

Visit: Cllr Garbhan McPhillips

Cllr Garbhan McPhillips

Visit: Cllr Paul Robinson

Cllr Paul Robinson

Visit: Cllr Sheamus Greene

Cllr Sheamus Greene

Visit: Cllr Thomas O’Reilly

Cllr Thomas O’Reilly

Visit: Cllr Victor Warrington

Cllr Victor Warrington

Erne North

Visit: Cllr David Mahon

Cllr David Mahon

Visit: Cllr Diana Armstrong

Cllr Diana Armstrong

Visit: Cllr John Coyle

Cllr John Coyle

Visit: Cllr John Feely (Council Vice Chairman)

Cllr John Feely (Council Vice Chairman)

Visit: Cllr Raymond Farrell

Cllr Raymond Farrell

Erne West

Visit: Cllr Alex Baird

Cllr Alex Baird

Visit: Cllr Anthony Feely

Cllr Anthony Feely

Visit: Cllr Barry Doherty

Cllr Barry Doherty

Visit: Cllr Bernice Swift

Cllr Bernice Swift

Visit: Cllr Brendan Gallagher

Cllr Brendan Gallagher

Mid Tyrone

Visit: Cllr Anne Marie Fitzgerald

Cllr Anne Marie Fitzgerald

Visit: Cllr Barry McNally

Cllr Barry McNally

Visit: Cllr Bert Wilson

Cllr Bert Wilson

Visit: Cllr Rosemarie Shields

Cllr Rosemarie Shields

Visit: Cllr Sean Clarke

Cllr Sean Clarke

Visit: Cllr Sean Donnelly

Cllr Sean Donnelly


Visit: Cllr Chris Smyth

Cllr Chris Smyth

Visit: Cllr Errol Thompson

Cllr Errol Thompson

Visit: Cllr Joanne Donnelly

Cllr Joanne Donnelly

Visit: Cllr Josephine Deehan

Cllr Josephine Deehan

Visit: Cllr Marty McColgan

Cllr Marty McColgan

Visit: Cllr Sorcha McAnespy

Cllr Sorcha McAnespy

West Tyrone

Visit: Cllr Allan Rainey

Cllr Allan Rainey

Visit: Cllr Frankie Donnelly

Cllr Frankie Donnelly

Visit: Cllr Glenn Campbell

Cllr Glenn Campbell

Visit: Cllr Mark Buchanan

Cllr Mark Buchanan

Visit: Cllr Mary Garrity

Cllr Mary Garrity

Visit: Cllr Stephen McCann

Cllr Stephen McCann