Motion: Dualling of the A4 from Ballygawley to Enniskillen and from Enniskillen to connect with the A4/N16 Sligo corridor

Council Meeting - 2nd March 2021

“Fermanagh and Omagh District Council welcomes the Department for Infrastructure’s commitments to achieve regional balance in infrastructure investment; notes the importance of strategic and regional connectivity to the south-west of Northern Ireland; and calls on DfI to commence feasibility and design work to dual the A4 from Ballygawley to Enniskillen and to begin discussions immediately with the Irish Government and the County Councils of Sligo, Cavan and Leitrim to seek a cross border agreement to also dual the A4 from Enniskillen to join with a new N16 dual carriageway to Sligo.

The dualling and upgrading of the A4/N16 corridor from Ballygawley to Enniskillen and onwards to Sligo, would act as the single biggest driver of economic development and regeneration within County Fermanagh for a generation, helping to create jobs, attract inward investment, enhance the district’s tourism industry potential, improve road safety and strengthen the connectivity of the South West Acute Hospital with other parts of Northern Ireland and Counties Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan and Donegal.

This motion proposes that Council writes to the Minister for Infrastructure, Nicola Mallon, to reiterate its call for the DfI to deliver the Enniskillen Bypass and asks that DfI ensures that this Bypass will be future-proofed to ensure it meets the technical demands and specifications of connecting it to a new A4 dual carriageway and onwards towards a dualling proposition with the new  N16.”





Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor Warrington and seconded by Councillor Baird