Motion: Perinatal Hospice Care Facility

Council - 5th November 2019

“This Council believes that in pregnancy both lives matter, the mother and the unborn child.

This commitment to the rights of both must be reflected in the support provided to mothers, the unborn children and their families throughout their pregnancy.

This Council calls for a Perinatal Hospice Care facility or service in Northern Ireland to be established to provide the best medical and emotional support for those who are faced with the diagnosis of a severe life-limiting condition.

Council regrets the recent amendment of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill in Westminster to include the imposition of widespread access to abortion to Northern Ireland up to the point of viability. Council regrets the fact this amendment was proposed without any consultation with the people who live here.

Council notes that Northern Ireland’s pre-existing abortion laws have saved an estimated 100,000 lives since 1967. Therefore the devolution settlement and the wishes of people in Northern Ireland must be respected.

Council writes urgently to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, the RH Julian Smith MP, to reflect the position of this Council”


Proposed by: Councillor Buchanan, seconded by Councillor Deborah Armstrong and supported by Councillors Elliott, Robinson and Thompson