Motion: Independent public inquiry into circumstances and lessons learned from closure of Valley nursing home

Council Meeting - 6th September 2022

This Council rejects the ‘Lesson Learned’ Review Report into the closure of the Valley Nursing Home in Clogher, finding it inadequate, self-serving and failing to address or even touch upon the critical matter of residents deaths in the immediate aftermath of transfer, despite being of major concern to relatives and the principle reasoning for seeking a Review to be carried out.

Further, this council notes with concern the refusal of the Department of Health to provide the Terms of Reference for the Review and condemns the failure of all relevant authorities to adequately address the very specific issues raised amid a culture of moving responsibility around the multiple sectors involved, without
reaching resolution.

Consequently, in light of repeated refusals to address legitimate questions, which relatives are fully entitled to be furnished with and would cost absolutely nothing, this council gives full, unqualified support to their call for an independent public inquiry to extract answers and explanations from the government authorities involved in the treatment of their loved ones and to obtain truth, accountability and where necessary, justice.

Proposed by: Councillor O’Cofaigh and seconded by Councillor Deehan.