Motion: Living Wage

Council Meeting - 4th April 2023

Whereas this council recognises that the labour market in the  Fermanagh and Omagh District remains characterised by its low pay  relative to the regional average and cognisant of the huge impact on  reducing ‘in-work poverty’ from employers committing to pay a Living Wage and indeed the particular benefit such a policy would have in Fermanagh and Omagh district;

further recognising that Fermanagh and Omagh District Council already pays all its employees above the living wage, as set annually by the Living Wage Foundation and noting that Belfast City Council has taken the steps necessary to  become Northern Ireland’s first fully-accredited living wage employer;

this council expresses its intention to become Northern Ireland’s   second fully-accredited Living Wage local authority; to that end, we  resolve that a report on the required stages and activities be brought  forward, together with an associated timeline, to the appropriate  committee for due consideration.

Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor O’Cofaigh and seconded by Councillor McAleer