Motion: Local Roads

Council Meeting - 13th April 2021

“This council recognises the dire state of our road network especially in rural  areas of the district. We also note a recent response to a question put by Roy Beggs MLA which states that the FODC area has the highest number  of outstanding repairs, with 1339 surface defects remaining outstanding in    the period ranging from the start of April to the end of June.

In light of this, we as a council will write to the Infrastructure Minister and    Finance Minister to ensure that adequate money is allocated to facilitate  road repairs and that if allocated, money is spent in this area as a matter of  priority in order to clear this backlog.

This council feels that as civic leaders we can no longer tolerate the state of  our roads and should action not be taken, we will seek to invite the  aforementioned minsters to areas of the district particularly affected when  the COVID 19 regulations permit.”.


Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor Rainey, seconded by Councillor Smyth