Motion: Vaping by Children and Young People is Growing Public Health Crisis

Council Meeting - 3rd July 2023

That this Council

  • convenes an urgent round-table meeting with Public Health Agency, Department of Health, Department of Education, Education Authority and other relevant bodies and             stakeholders regarding the growing public health crisis of vaping by children and young people
  • notes that many vaping products are designed to be attractive to children and that all are addictive, damaging to health and contain harmful substances.
  • reaffirms its ban on vaping at sites and premises under its control and seeks a strengthening of current legislation regarding the sale of vaping products and associated     enforcement regulations.
  • further notes that disposable vapes are increasingly being discarded in our streets and on our roads thereby presenting a further threat to our environment.


Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor McElduff and seconded by Councillor Campbell