Motion: Proposed sanctions on Flintridge Resources/Galantas in light of successful HSENI Prosecution over Health & Safety Failings

Council Meeting - 6th December 2022

That this Council views the Crown Court proceedings and judgement of Friday 18th November 2022, in the case brought forward by the Health & Safety Executive NI, finding Flintridge Resources a subsidiary of Galantas Gold guilty of various breaches of Health and Safety legislation, including misuse of explosives, narrowly avoiding loss of life or serious injury of a number of mine workers, shocking and very serious.
The gravity of the incidents in July 2018 was, and is, aggravated by the failures of the mining company to deal with the emergency with the urgency or the gravity that the incidents required.

Thus we recommend as follows:

(i) That this Council calls for the immediate cancellation of all mining operations at Cavanacaw and withdrawal of all permits, planning, discharge and other operating permissions.

(ii) That this Council seek an urgent update from each of the following: the Inspectorate of Mines, Police Service NI, HSENI, NIEA/DAERA; Department for the Economy, Crown Estates Commission, DfI
Planning, Department for Justice and the Loughs Agency, in each case asking for their proposed actions arising from the Court findings and from the subsequent additional incidents at the Cavanacaw mine
referenced in the Crown Court proceedings on 18th November 2022.

(iii) That this Council write to the Chief Constable in light of Health & Safety Convictions of Flintridge/Galantas Gold arising from their reckless, near fatal explosions repeatedly putting the lives of mining workers in peril asking ;

(a) for the cancellation of the company’s explosives permit and in view of the new information; and

(b) that the PSNI commit to consult with the community on their review of charges to mining companies and ensure total cost recovery from gold mining companies.

Proposed by: Councillor McAleer and seconded by Councillor S Donnelly