Motion: Implementation of ROMPs Legislation by the Minister/Department for Infrastructure

Council Meeting - 1st November 2022

This Council notes with concern how, since Local Government Reform in April 2015, the Department for Infrastructure (and the Department for the Environment before that) has failed to commence section 129 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 on the Review of Old Minerals Permissions (ROMPs).
Members are concerned that such delays in legislating for the need for historic minerals permissions to comply with modern-day environmental standards have already given rise to significant environmental harm that are beginning to impose undue liabilities and responsibilities on public authorities due to repeated Ministerial
decisions since 2006 not to commence ROMPs legislation.

In recognition of the considerable pressures that the implementation of ROMPs will place on the financial and staffing resources of this Council, it is considered unreasonable to have these responsibilities and liabilities imposed upon it due to past Departmental decisions and delays.

Therefore, this Council calls on the Minister for Infrastructure to legislate for the  removal of responsibility for the implementation, administration and delivery of ROMPs from this, and all local authorities, and to be implemented, administered and delivered by his Department in the interests of fairness, consistency, accountability and the public good as a matter of urgency.

Furthermore, we will contact the other Councils in the North to support this call and to make similar representation to the Minister/Department for Infrastructure.

Proposed by: Councillor McAleer and seconded by Councillor O’Cofaigh