Motion: Social Care System

Council Meeting - 7th September 2021

That this Council notes the challenges and pressures facing the  social care system to deliver high quality domiciliary care within the  community; further notes that lack of workforce planning and  considerable workforce shortages and vacancy rates places undue  pressure on staff, service users and their families; recognises that  improving the terms and conditions of domiciliary care staff, including  rates of pay, covering travel costs, and career progression are vital to  sustaining a social care system; Calls on the Western Health and Social Care Trust to provide a detailed briefing on social care to the  council, further calls on the Minister of Health to outline his plans to  reform adult social care, including  a detailed report into the true cost  of delivering all aspects of social care.

Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor C Kelly, seconded by Councillor P Kelly and supported by Councillors Campbell, Currie, AM Donnelly, Feely, AM Fitzgerald, Greene, Maguire, McCann and McElduff