Motion: Cost of Living crisis

Council Meeting - 6th September 2022

This Council expresses grave concern at the continued impact of the cost-of-living crisis on families and communities across the North; notes with particular concern the impact that spiralling costs of food, energy and fuel are having on the most vulnerable people in our society; condemns the continued boycott of the devolved institutions  by the DUP which is exacerbating the impact of the current crisis; rejects the stated approach of the new Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister whose approach falls far short of the action
needed to tackle the crisis and fails to treat the current emergency with the urgency it demands; affirms its support for the establishment of a Cost of Living Taskforce made up of senior officials and sectoral experts to co-ordinate a whole government approach to the crisis in the winter months ahead; further affirms its support for the Department for Communities to create a scheme to better insulate homes with measures to improve energy efficiency, write to the minister highlight our concerns.

Calls on the Executive parties to establish a cost-of-living taskforce and provide regular updates to the public on the actions that their departments have taken to mitigate the impact of this crisis; further calls on the DUP to support the nomination of a speaker, nominate a Deputy First Minister and re-enter the Northern Ireland Executive.


Proposed by: Councillor Coyle, seconded by Councillor Blake and supported by Councillors Gannon, Garrity and McPhillips.