Motion: Animal Abuse

Council - 25th July 2019

To consider the following motion to which due notice has been given:

“This council condemns animal cruelty in all forms, notes the effective framework currently in place for punishing offenders and imposing appropriate sentences which serve as a deterrent to others, recognises the work of the USPCA and animal welfare staff within Fermanagh and Omagh District Council in challenging cruel behaviour toward animals as well as supporting rehoming initiatives for those animals that have suffered abuse or neglect; further notes with concern that there is no central register of those convicted of animal cruelty offences and; resolves to write to the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Justice, and the British and Irish Governments to raise these concerns and propose a central all island register for animal abusers.”

Proposed by: Councillor Coyle, seconded by Councillor Blake and supported by Councillors Gannon, Garrity and McPhillips