Motion: Coronavirus Pandemic impact on GCSE and A Level Students

Council - 1st December 2020

"Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council recognises the unprecedented stress that has been placed on this year's GCSE and A Level students.  This Council;


Notes that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on some schools and pupils over others.


Also acknowledges that those students that have had to study from home, within this district area, are faced with on of the worst broadband infrastructures on this island and therefore are left at a serious disadvantage to other students.


Recognises that it is impossible to have a level playing field for exams to take place.


As such this Council shall write to the Minister of Education Peter Weir, the Executive Office and all the Political Party leaders with in the Northern Assembly to ask that we follow the Welsh model of Assessment based on work throughout the year which can take into account whether a pupil has missed substantial periods of time due to self-isolation and removes entirely the risk of exams being cancelled at the last minute as they were this year.


This Council will further write to the other 10 Councils asking them for support in this motion.

Proposed by: Councillor Greene, Seconded by Councillor Feely