Motion: Syringes for Cuba Campaign/End the Blockade

Council Meeting - 7th September 2021

That this council states its' continued opposition to the illegal and inhumane blockade of Cuba by the USA. Notes that, prior to the pandemic, this blockade has prevented essential supplies such as fuel entering the country which has far-reaching consequences. Further notes, with increased concern, the impact that this blockade is having during the Covid-19 pandemic whereby essential medical supplies, needed to save lives, are being restricted;

That this council sends its’ solidarity to all those in our district who have loved ones in the country.  Further, that this council sends our solidarity to Cuba through the Cuban Ambassador to Ireland, Hugo Ramos, and that we invite the Ambassador to meet with our council to express this directly and hear about how this blockade is affecting citizens in our district;

That this council notes, despite the pressures caused by the imposition of unjust sanctions, the positive role that Cuba has played in providing practical solidarity and support to so many countries in the global struggle against Covid-19;

That this council praises the efforts of the Cuban Solidarity Forum Ireland, supports their ‘Syringes for Cuba’ campaign, and highlights this campaign to the people of our district using any means available to us. Further, that this council invites representatives from the Cuban Solidarity Forum Ireland to meet with council to update us on the campaign and ongoing situation;

That this council writes to both Health Ministers on the island to request that they explore ways in which assistance could be provided to assist in medical supply provision to Cuba. Further, that this council requests that, on behalf of the people of our district, both Health Ministers advocate for the inclusion of any successful medications and treatments, including those developed in Cuba, in the fight against Covid-19;

That this council notes the most recent vote on 23rd June 2021 by the UN General Assembly, and every vote since 1992, to demand the end of the US blockade by the international community;

That this council, on behalf of those in our district with loved ones in Cuba as well as everyone in our district who would benefit from Cuban Covid-19 medications, calls on the US government, via the US Ambassador to Ireland, to bring this blockade to an end, particularly due to the devastating effect it is having during the Covid-19 pandemic;

Finally, that this motion is circulated to all councils on the island of Ireland and that they are requested to adopt a similar position.


Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor Currie, seconded by Councillor McCann and supported by Councillors Campbell, Clarke, AM Donnelly, Seán Donnelly, Greene, Feely, Fitzgerald, Kelly, Kelly, Maguire, McCaffrey, McElduff and O’Reilly.