Motion: Ceasefire in Palestine and Israel

Council Meeting - 7th November 2023

That this Council condemns the horrifying violence and indiscriminate murder of civilians in Gaza and southern Israel and calls for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine and Israel;

And calls for the immediate release of innocent hostages taken by Hamas following the terrorist attack

Calls for the provision of safe humanitarian corridors;

Supports a full international Criminal Court investigation of potential war crimes committed against people in Gaza and southern Israel;

Council also deplores reports that anti-Semitism has increased in Northern Ireland since the 7th October attacks on Israel and sends a united message that such racism is unacceptable.

And further calls on the International Community to begin a fulsome diplomatic effort toward reaching a two-state solution to provide peace and security for the people of Palestine and Israel, providing a true and lasting peace settlement for the people in the Middle East;

And lastly calls on the Irish Government and the British Government to immediately expel the Israeli Ambassadors to Ireland and Britain.


Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor Browne and seconded by Councillor J Feely