Motion: Economic and Inward Investment

Council Meeting - 3rd October 2023

That this Council recognises the immediate need to address the requirement for greater economic growth and investment within our District.

This Council notes that the lack of infrastructural investment for decades has reduced the district’s ability to attract inward investment and has served to impede local businesses from expanding.

This is clearly evidenced by the recent Investment Conference in Belfast where it was announced that 1000 jobs are to be created over the next five years largely focussing on Belfast and Derry with no mention of our District.

This Council acknowledges and welcomes the recent visit to the district by the US Special Envoy for Economic Affairs, Joe Kennedy III as a very positive step, and we resolve to intensify our lobbying campaign to ensure further such visits to the Fermanagh and Omagh District in the future.

This Council also acknowledges ongoing efforts within the Mid South West (MSW) Economic Growth Deal and Shared Island structures to help grow our economy based on our sectoral strengths but also seeks to locate our economic value proposition in the context of the wider North West region, of which we are part, necessitating in the future a new collaborative arrangement, if this can be realised, for our mutual benefit, with Derry and Strabane District Council for the development of rail infrastructure and other opportunities, and consolidating existing links with Donegal County Council and other local government authorities in the central border corridor area.

This Council resolves the need to establish an Economic and Inward Investment Working Group with a clear and direct mission to address this issue.

This will include an outward looking focus to grow our economy and attract investment.


Proposed by: Proposed by Councillor Mahon and seconded by Councillor Hawkes