What information is being collected?
1. Name
2. Address
3. Organisation name, if applicable
4. Role in organisation, if applicable
5. Email address, if applicable
6. Telephone number, if applicable

Who is collecting it?
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is the Data Controller which means that we determine how the information is collected, used, protected and shared where appropriate.

How is it collected?
The information is collected when you seek permission to use Council land/property for an event or enter into a legal arrangement with the Council.

Why is it being collected?
The legal bases we rely on for processing your personal data are article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR, which means that the processing is necessary for a contract we have with you, or because you have asked us to take specific steps before entering into a contract, article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR, which means that the processing is necessary for the Council to comply with legal obligations under The Land Registration Act (Northern Ireland) 1970 Section 11, The Land Registration Act (Northern Ireland) 1970 Section 81, Section 86, Section 2, The Registration of Deeds Act (Northern Ireland) 1970 Section 1, Section 13, Section 15, and Ground Rents Act (Northern Ireland) 2001 Section 5, and / or article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR, which means the processing is necessary for us to perform a task in the public interest or for our official functions, and the task or function has a clear basis in law.

How will it be used?
To communicate information to all relevant stakeholders involved in any dealings concerning Council land / property matters.

Who will it be shared with?
Internally – Line managers, Finance Department, internal auditors,
Externally – Council’s insurance broker, legal advisors, Land and Property Services, Land Registers of Northern Ireland, HMRC and any other professionals appointed by the Council to deal with land/property matters.
Any personal information provided by you will not be disclosed to any other third party unless law or regulation compels such a disclosure.

How long will it be retained for?
All information will be retained as per the Council’s Records Retention and Disposal Schedule.