Join an Older Person’s Group


South West Age Partnership (SWAP) is an age sector network in the South West and has been operating since 1998. This network of older people’s groups now represents over 80 older people’s groups across the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area. SWAP aims to assist and support older people’s groups and organisations as well as individuals who are not group members to work collaboratively to service the needs of the local age sector.

SWAP is officially recognised as an independent organisation that will improve the quality of life for older people. It is a network led by older people and the organisation links with a Fermanagh and Omagh Interagency made up of relevant stakeholders from community, voluntary and statutory sector supporting in collaboration the wider interests of older people. SWAP is also the lead on the Community Planning outcome: Older People lead more independent, engaged and socially connected lives.

If you would like to become involved with many of the older peoples programmes, information sessions,  join or set up a local group contact Allison Forbes on 028 8225 1824 or email:

You can view groups in your area on an interactive map.

For more information about SWAP you can also visit: