Fermanagh & Omagh District Council has issued a warning regarding some models of gas cookers which, in certain circumstances, can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Using the grill on specified makes and models of BEKO, Leisure, Flavel, Belling and New World cookers with the grill door closed, can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide which can cause serious injury or death.

Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas which has no smell, colour or taste. It can be found in residential, commercial, recreational and workplace environments.

22 gas cooker models have been identified as being affected but, despite earlier warnings about the dangers and extensive efforts by the manufacturers to contact customers that have bought these cookers, a number have yet to be located.

In addition to previous alerts, the manufacturer of Beko, Leisure and Flavel cookers has also indicated that all models converted to LPG or bottled gas after purchase, which were manufactured before 2009, are included in this warning and require a modification to remove any risk.

Fermanagh & Omagh District Council’s Environmental Health Service is urging all consumers with gas cookers, including landlords and letting agents, to check if their cooker is one of the makes and models affected.

If consumers suspect they may own one of the affected cookers, they should contact the manufacturer directly to arrange for it to be safety checked and modified free of charge.

The advice from the cooker manufacturer is, under no circumstances should anyone operate the grill with the grill door closed – it must always be in the open position. It is also essential that people do not use the cookers as heaters or for any other purpose than cooking.

The alert covers a number of models by Beko, Flavel, Leisure, Belling and New World gas cookers, the details are as follows:

Make                                                  Model

Beko                                                   DCG8511WLPG

Beko                                                   DCG8511PLW

Beko                                                   DG581LWP

Flavel                                                  DCGAP5LS

Flavel                                                  AP5LDWP

Flavel                                                  AP5 LDW

Flavel                                                  AP5LDSP

Leisure                                               CM10NRK

Leisure                                               CM10NRC

Leisure                                               AL6NDW

Leisure                                               CM101NRCP

Leisure                                               CM101NRKP

Flavel                                                  Milano ML5NDS

Belling Countrychef 100g              SKU444445946

Belling Countrychef 100g              SKU444445945

Belling G755MK2AN                       SKU050531082

Belling G755MK2WH                      SKU050531081

Belling GT755WH                            SKU444449050

New World 50TWLMSVLPG          SKU444445698

New World 50TWLMWHLPG         SKU444445697

New World 50WLMLPGSV              SKU444445020

New World 50WLMLPGWH           SKU444445021

In addition, Beko, Flavel  and Leisure products with a separate oven and grill that have been converted to run on LPG or bottled gas after purchase which were manufactured before 2009.

The helpline number for Beko, Leisure and Flavel customers is 0800 917 2018 and, if calling from the Republic of Ireland, 1800 25 29 25.  The helpline number for Belling and New World customers is 0800 110 5728.

Reducing the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning
Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when a flue or fuel burning appliance such as multi-fuel stove, gas cooker, boiler or open fire have not been properly installed, maintained or are poorly ventilated.

To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, ensure all fuel burning appliances are properly installed and regularly serviced, at least once per year, by a qualified engineer and fit a carbon monoxide alarm.   A carbon monoxide alarm should not be used as an alternative to ensuring fuel burning appliances are serviced annually.

For further information regarding reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning please click here or contact Fermanagh & Omagh District Council’s Environmental Health Service by telephoning 0300 303 1777.