Electrical goods that you buy must meet essential safety requirements to ensure that people and pets are not at risk of injury or death.  It is important that property is not also damaged.

The responsibility to supply safe electrical goods applies all the way down from the manufacturer to the retailer.  This means that products being sold should comply with relevant legislation or recognised safety standard.

When purchasing electrical products follow these top tips:

  • Only purchase goods from a reputable supplier/shop
  • Examine goods to ensure they carry safety symbols or signs e.g. CE mark, appropriate warning ‘not to be used near water’, etc.
  • Read all warnings carefully
  • Follow instructions properly to ensure they are assembled safely
  • Follow any operating instructions properly
  • Ensure the appliance is fitted with a standard 3 pin plug (unless to be fitted to mains)
  • Keep receipts as proof of purchase
  • Only use goods or equipment for the purpose for which they are intended e.g. hairdryer for drying hair not clothes
  • If the electrical equipment is also a toy, it must have a CE mark to show it meets electrical equipment and toy safety requirements
  • Dispose of any electrical goods that are in poor repair