Many people are injured each year as a result of faulty goods.  The Council’s Environmental Health Service has an important role to play in ensuring consumers are protected against the risk of injury from unsafe goods manufactured, distributed, supplied or sold within the Fermanagh and Omagh district.  Products should comply with any relevant legislation or recognised safety standard.

Officers from the Environmental Health Service have a wide range of powers to enforce Consumer Safety legislation. The main pieces of legislation are:

  • The Consumer Protection Act 1987
  • The General Product Safety Regulations 2005

Part of the Council’s role is to visit suppliers and inform them about laws that apply to their products. Officers also test a wide range of consumer goods on a routine basis to ensure they meet the relevant safety standards. Testing may be carried out in-house or, alternatively, products may be sent to an approved test house for further examination.

What should you look for when buying goods?

  • Only purchase goods from a reputable supplier
  • Examine goods for safety symbols or signs e.g. BEAB approval, Kite mark, CE mark, Cigarette/Match Resistant labels, etc.
  • Read all warnings carefully and follow operating instructions
  • Keep receipts as proof of purchase
  • Only use goods or equipment for the purpose for which they are intended


The Environmental Health Service will investigate complaints about the safety of goods purchased by consumers.

If you have bought a product, which you feel is unsafe, you can contact us below by selecting enquire here.

Any action taken as a result of your complaint will relate to the safety of the product only.  We do not get involved in issues relating to refunds or compensation.

Please Note

If you make a complaint, the Council will endeavour to ensure your complaint details remain confidential but this cannot always be guaranteed.  Additionally, in some circumstances, during investigation, it may be necessary to disclose personal details.