‘From Around the World’ Dance Programme

Grab your dancing shoes and enjoy cultural diversity with the ‘From Around the World’ Dance Programme, a unique series of online dance tutorials. You can learn a wide variety of dances from other countries such as Bulgaria, China, Latvia, Malaysia, India, Ireland, Japan, Poland and Scotland as taught by experienced dance tutors.

Latvian Dance Lesson

Polka is a popular folk dance in many European countries including Latvia. Join Latvia-born Evija Nvaneri for a dance of Latvian Polka.

Japanese Dance Lesson

Yukari Norris introduces Bon-Odori, a traditional Japanese folk dance performed during summer Festivals. In the past it was performed to receive spirits and send them off again, but now the dance livens up the summer festival atmosphere.

Polish Dance Lesson

Aneta Murawska is a Polish dance teacher promoting her native culture. Performing arts are her passion and, in this video, she shares her love for and knowledge of the traditional Polish dancing.

Chinese Dance Lesson

A Chinese fan dance performed in celebration of culture by Weihong Tu. It represents beauty, grace and delicacy and expresses a feeling of joy. You can use any type of fan, scarf or ribbons to dance with.

Irish Dance Lesson

Learn some Irish Dancing steps with Irish Dancing Champion Lee McCrystall, who will show how to dance a Jig and a Reel. These traditional Irish dances are the foundation for every solo dancer.

Bulgarian Dance Lesson

Professional folk dancer and tutor Plamena Chemshirova shows some simple traditional Bulgarian folk dances. Impress the locals with your steps when next on your holidays in Bulgaria.

Malaysian Dance Lesson

This dance by Yin Flower dance group reflects Malaysia’s multi-ethnic identity. Try a few steps from the Malay, Chinese and Indian dance traditions, which all come together beautifully into a tapestry of diverse dancing.

Scottish Ceilidh Dance Lesson

Join Scottish Dance tutor Ruth Clarke as she tells how to dance one of the most famous Scottish Ceilidh dances, the Gay Gordons. She shows how to do each movement before dancing it to the music. Impress your friends with your moves at the next ceilidh!

Indian Bollywood Dance Lesson

Bollywood film music and dance is a mixture of Indian formal and folk music and dance traditions. Once danced by the common people, these group dances soon developed their original choreography and unique style. Join ArtsEkta’s South Asian Dance Academy to learn some energetic Bollywood dance moves.

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