‘From Around the World; Celebrating Our Cultures’ Project

We are committed to promoting good relations and inclusion for everyone in the district. The Council’s Good Relations Programme supports the positive expression of the wide variety of cultures and traditions within the Council area.

The ‘From Around the World; Celebrating Our Cultures’ project celebrates the rich cultural diversity that exists within the district. It demonstrates the importance of the preservation and promotion of the various cultures both local and from all over the world. It also highlights the many similarities between the different cultures, showcasing that while we may differ, we are the same in many ways.

The project presents different cultures and traditions through a gallery exhibition of participants’ photographs, personal stories, cultural artefacts and voices; a virtual exhibition tour and a book. Through these, it encourages everyone to embrace diversity, learn new things and enjoy the beauty in everything. Everybody belongs.

‘From Around the World; Celebrating Our Cultures’ virtual exhibition tour

This virtual exhibition tour provides the opportunity to view the gallery exhibition from the comfort of your home. It is an enjoyable film, offering a walk through the gallery with an insightful narration and subtitles. It is also an excellent educational tool and cultural resource for schools, youth clubs, community groups and individuals. You can access this by clicking here.

‘From Around the World; Celebrating Our Cultures’ book

This book is a written reflection of the gallery exhibition and its official launch. It presents fourteen different cultures, telling the stories of people who have made their home in or have strong connections to the district, and sharing their beautiful cultural artefacts. It is important to point out that these are not all the cultures present and represented in the Council area, but rather a sample of the great diversity locally.

The book complements the ‘From Around the World; Celebrating Our Cultures’ gallery exhibition, currently displayed in Enniskillen Castle Museums, and its virtual version.

For further information on how you can create your own diversity project or get involved in this project, please feel free to contact the Good Relations team on 0300 303 1777 or via email goodrelations@fermanaghomagh.com.