Motion: Boundary Commission’s 2018 Review

Council - 4th April 2018

To consider the following motion of which due notice has been given:

‘This Council acknowledges that there are grave concerns about the Boundary Commission’s decision to scrap their own provisional proposals for September 2016 in favour of Revised Proposals published in January 2018, which are far removed from their provisional proposals but which are remarkably similar to the DUP proposals as submitted to the Commission in the Course of the Public consultation periods of 2016 and 2017.

As a result of this many in the Nationalist and Republican community have lost confidence in this Boundary Commission, therefore, this Council, in reflecting that loss of confidence, is calling for a Public Inquiry into the Boundary Commission’s handling of the 2018 Review.’

Proposed by: Councillor J Feely, seconded by Councillor McColgan