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Events Team

The Events Team sets clear, challenging and realistic objectives in order to meet the Council’s Performance Management Improvement plans and contribute to the delivery of the Community Plan.

They Lead on the management and delivery of the Events & Festivals Strategy 2021-26 . They are responsible for working across all Council departments for the:

  • Direct delivery of events and festivals (including local, national, international, large-scale, civic, annual, special events, sporting events, festivals and other similar events)
  • Provide Direction and Support for events and festivals delivered through Council’s funding schemes.
  • Management of Strategic external partnerships and Contractual management of third-party events and festivals delivery
  • Attracting events and festivals to the district.

The Events  Team are part of the Cultural & Wellbeing Department. Contact us on: E. or T: 0300 303 1777

Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The Events Team are also responsible for administration and organising the Fermanagh and Omagh District Safety Advisory Group (SAG). The purpose of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is to uphold reasonable standards of public safety and give advice the operational aspects of public events and festivals.
The SAG will ensure reasonably practical standards of public safety at all relevant public events and festivals held within the Council area by ensuring that adequate provisions are made for health, safety and wellbeing of all public attending events and festivals.

Copies of Agenda and Actions from meetings below.

Contact: E. or T: 0300 303 1777 and ask for Event Team.

File Type Size Date
220912 Agenda docx 20 KB 3rd November 2022
220916 SAG Action List docx 65 KB 3rd November 2022
220513 Agenda docx 20 KB 3rd November 2022
220513 SAG Action List docx 64 KB 3rd November 2022
220304 SAG Action List docx 61 KB 3rd November 2022
220304 SAG AGENDA docx 19 KB 3rd November 2022
221128 Agenda docx 19 KB 18th January 2023
221128 SAG Action Notes docx 64 KB 18th January 2023
200423 SAG Action Notes pdf 175 KB 9th August 2023
230420 Agenda pdf 116 KB 9th August 2023

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