Counter Representations to Local Development Plan

The Council has responsibility for preparing its own Local Development Plan (LDP). The LDP will guide the future use of land in the Council area and inform developers, members of the general public, communities, government, public bodies, representative organisations and other interests of the policy framework that is used to determine development proposals.

The LDP will take account of the Council’s Community Plan providing a spatial expression to the community plan and thereby linking public and private sector investment through the land use planning system.

The purpose of a counter representation is to provide an opportunity to respond to site specific policy representations submitted to the draft Plan Strategy under Reg 15 and 16 of the LDP Regulations. “Site specific policy” means a policy in a development plan document which identifies a site for a particular use or development. “Site specific policy” representation means any representation which seeks to change a development plan by –

· adding a site specific policy to the development plan document: or

· altering or deleting any site specific policy in the development plan document.