One black (green) landfill bin for non-recyclable waste, one blue recycling bin and either a brown compostable bin for garden and food waste or a 23L caddy for separate food waste collection (dependant on location) will be collected per household except in exceptional circumstances.

*exceptional circumstances are a medical condition that creates additional waste or number of residents in the household.  In such instances, prior approval must be given by the Council.  For more information please contact Killyvilly or Gortrush depot on 0300 303 1777.

New Bin costs

240 Litre Black Non-recyclable/Landfill waste – £27.50 (The council no longer issue green bins)

240 Litre Blue Bin (Recycling) – £27.50

240 Litre Brown Bin (Composting) – £27.50

23 Litre Food Waste Caddy – Free of Charge

330 Litre Home Composting Bin – £19.00

Residents will receive either a 240 litre brown bin or a 23 litre brown caddy collection, depending on location.  To check your collection area, click the link to the Waste Collection Calendar or call Killyvilly or Gortrush Depot on 0300 303 1777.

Please note: We can only collect a brown bin or caddy if that service is provided in your area (please do not purchase bins that are not serviced in your area as these will not be collected)

Replacement parts costs

Wheels and axle – £6.70
Wheel – £2.50
Axle – £1.80

Delivery & Collection

To arrange to collect from the Council Depots at Killyvilly Depot, Enniskillen or Gortrush Depot, Omagh contact 0300 303 1777.

If a delivery is required there is an additional charge of £11.60

Replacement Black and Blue wheelie Bins

Please note: If your bin is damaged you can purchase a replacement bin at the reduced cost of £25.00. To avail of this discount the original bin that needs replaced must be returned at the time of collection/delivery.

If you feel that you are eligible to a free replacement bin under different circumstances, then prior approval will be required by the Refuse Management team.  To discuss a free replacement bin please contact the Killyvilly or Gortrush depot on 0300 303 1777.

240 Litre Black or Blue Replacement Bin – £25.00 (Standard Household size)

240 Litre Brown bin – £25.00

23L Caddy or 5L Caddy – Free of charge

To purchase or request a new bin/s or replacement parts, please complete the form below.

Please select the type of bin you require.

New Bins

Replacement Bins

To arrange to collect from the Council Depots at Killyvilly Depot, Enniskillen or Gortrush Depot, Omagh contact 0300 303 1777 to arrange an appointment.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only one black/green landfill bin for non-recyclable waste will be collected per household (except in exceptional circumstances).
  2. Only one blue recycling bin will be collected per household.
  3. If you are collecting a replacement bin from either Killyvilly or Gortrush Depot you must return your old bin to receive your discounted price.
  4. If replacement bin is being delivered, the old bin must be presented for collection and removal.
  5. All domestic bins are exempt from VAT.