Online Purchasing and Security

Information submitted will be stored by the relevant department and used to process any requests. Once we have processed your payment, we will not store your credit card details.

We use encryption software to protect your data, and maintain strict security safeguards to prevent unauthorised access to it. Encryption means converting data such as your payment card number or home address, into coded data to make it unrecognisable. When you enter the secure area of our website, you will see a padlock icon appear in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window and the beginning of the website address will change from “http” to “https”.

Where a business transaction takes place, commercial records may be retained for up to seven years. Since no authentication of visitors is provided on this site the Council cannot be held responsible for any acts of impersonation and will assume all information submitted is genuine unless there is reason to doubt its authenticity. Should you suspect that a false entry has been made using your identity please advise the Council and appropriate corrective action will be considered.

If the goods received by you are for any reason either faulty or damaged, you should contact us within seven days from the date on which you have accepted delivery of the goods, on 0300 303 1777, or using our Contact us form. We will either replace the goods, or repair them within your home, if either of those courses of action is acceptable to you. You have the right, in the event that the goods supplied are either faulty or damaged, to have the goods returned to us and to have a refund of the purchase money paid by you, provided that you notify us of the defect or damage within a reasonable period of time after delivery, and provided that the damage or defect has not arisen following the date of delivery to you. Alternatively, you may agree to accept the supply by us of replacement goods, subject to the same terms and conditions as in the supply of the original goods. None of these remedies mentioned in any way affect your statutory rights as a consumer under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended), or otherwise.

Contact Details

If you have any questions, queries or feedback on our sales processes, or about your individual orders, please Get in Touch using either the form or contact details provided.