Lost Property

When lost property is handed in to a Council facility, by either a staff member or a member of the public, the following actions must be undertaken:

• Each Council facility should have a designated Officer who has responsibility for items of lost property.

• All lost property should be recorded on a lost property form, completing all details. If a wallet/purse/bag is handed in, the contents should be checked with two people present (one being the designated Officer) and an exact amount of money/cards recorded within the description.

• Forms should be allocated a reference number and filed together.

• Items of lost property should be enveloped (where possible) and labelled with the allocated reference number and the date the item was found.

• Each Council facility should have a secure area to hold lost property. Valuable items should be placed in a safe if possible; other items should be placed in a lost property box.

• Where contact details for the owner are clear on the lost property item, they should be contacted. No one should be contacted unless there is irrefutable evidence of ownership.

For more information, see the ‘Related Files’ section on the right hand side of this page for the full Lost Property Procedure and to download the Lost Property Form.



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