Fermanagh & Omagh District Council has a Complaints Investigation Procedure in place to enable the Environmental Health Department to investigate consumer complaints about food manufactured and sold in its district and premises operating as a food business within the district.

Investigation of food complaints will involve:

  •  Identifying the source and cause of the complaint
  • Taking effective action to control any risk to public health
  • Identifying and gathering admissible evidence in respect of any offence under food safety legislation.

Investigation of complaints against premises operating as a food business will involve:

  • Carrying out an inspection of the premises if necessary
  • Identifying any breaches of legislation
  • Working with business operator to resolve any breaches identified
  • Taking Enforcement Action which may include legal proceedings if appropriate.

Please Note

If you make a complaint, the Council will endeavour to ensure your complaint details remain confidential but this cannot always be guaranteed.  Additionally, in some circumstances, during investigation, it may be necessary to disclose personal details.

To make a complaint regarding a food product or a food business contact the Environmental Health Department by completing the online form below, enquire here.

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