Microchipping and Stray Dogs


Not only is it a legal requirement to microchip your dog but we will be unable to issue a dog licence unless the dog is microchipped.

Most local vets offer a microchipping service.

It is the responsibility of owners to ensure that the contact details held on the appropriate database against the microchip registration number are accurate and up to date. If the details are inaccurate, the dog is not considered microchipped under the Dogs (Licensing and Identification) Regulations (NI) 2012 and the licence is void.

A dog licence combined with a microchip will allow the Dog Warden Service to reunite any stray or lost dogs to their owners.

Stray Dogs

A stray dog is any dog which is unaccompanied, other than on its owner or keeper’s property. Stray dogs may cause problems such as road traffic accidents, attacks on people and other animals, and they often contaminate our streets and open spaces with dog fouling.

We are committed to reducing these problems to ensure all citizens and visitors to our District can enjoy their surroundings without annoyance from stray dogs. The law requires the owner or keeper of any dog, to make sure it is kept secure and under control at all times. Anyone who allows their dog to stray is guilty of an offence and may be fined £80. All stray dogs seized by the Dog Warden Service are either returned to the owner, if identified, or impounded.

An unlicensed dog will not be released to its owner until the requirements in respect of licensing have been met; the correct kennel fees, licence and microchipping fees must be paid. The dog must also be implanted with a microchip and registered with an appropriate database.

If you are reclaiming your dog from the dog pound, please call in advance and bring photographic ID, your dog’s licence and the release fee.


The Dog Warden Service no longer rehomes dogs to the public. Stray and unwanted dogs from the Council dog pound are transferred to local Animal shelters for rehoming.

Useful contacts:

Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary
53 Killymittan Road
BT94 2FW
Tel: 028 6638 8885

Grovehill Animal Trust
33 Aughnaglea Road
BT79 9NP
Tel: 028 8076 0482

Dogs Trust
60 Teeshan Road
BT43 5PN
Tel: 0303 003 0000