REAP Employability Programme

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The Council and FRCI Teams who brought you ASPIRE are excited to announce they are now delivering the  Rural Economic Acelerator Programme (REAP)

What is the REAP?

REAP offers a transformative opportunity for those who are currently economically inactive, empowering them as they contemplate a transition into employment.
This innovative initiative provides comprehensive support, equipping individuals with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to successfully navigate their journey towards meaningful work.
By addressing barriers and offering tailored assistance, the programme opens doors to new prospects and fosters economic growth in rural communities.
With its focus on empowerment and skill-building, REAP paves the way for individuals to embrace employment opportunities and achieve greater financial stability, positively impacting both their lives and the local economy.

How do I Apply?

To find out more about how the team and REAP can help you  you can call the following:

Omagh                       028 82 246 535

Enniskillen              028 66 326 478


Or Apply Here:     REAP Application Form