Road Closures

Do I need to apply for a road closure?

If you want to hold an event that will prohibit or restrict traffic on a public road, you may need to apply to us for a road closure order. The type of event you intend to host will determine if you need to apply.
You can email or call us on 0300 3030 1777 to discuss your proposals before you make your application.
A pre-application discussion allows us to help you with the application process and will improve the quality and speed of your application.

Road Closure Applications

To make an application for a road closure you can:
  • save an application form from the website, complete, scan and email this to
  • You can post your application form and a cheque for the fee to us. Once we confirm the relevant fee you can pay it by bank transfer (BACS), credit or debit card over the phone and by cheque. Let us know how you want to pay when making your application.

What do I need to consider before making my road closure application?

You must consider how traffic will be diverted or stopped to facilitate your event. You will need to provide us with a traffic management plan showing how people will be protected from live traffic and other potential dangers for the duration of the event. You should note pedestrian access must be maintained at all times. Such access needs to be maintained to any premises situated on the road and any premises accessible from (and only from) the road.
You will need to show us how you have carried out neighbourhood notification by showing your consultations with all residents, businesses, bus and taxi companies which may be affected by your proposal.
You need to have sufficient insurances with relevant bodies, such as £10million public liability insurance.
You must submit your application at least 12 weeks before the date of the proposed event in order to allow us to consult with various statutory bodies and to publicly advertise the proposed road closure in a local newspaper.
We must allow a 21 day period for representations (objections or comments of support) to be submitted and to be determined by the council.
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Temporary Road Closure Guidance docx 42 KB 6th October 2021
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