CIEH Food Safety Training Courses

As of the 28 April 2017, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) has withdrawn its Food Safety in Catering Courses, Levels 1-4, and these courses are no longer available.  The CIEH has introduced a new suite of food safety courses under ‘Partners in Professionalism’.

Food Safety Courses that are now available include:

  1.  Introductory Certificate – This is for learners new to the subject e.g. new employees in a food preparation environment. They will be working within a clear management structure under direct supervision and following clear procedures to complete well-defined routine tasks.
  2. Foundation Level–At this stage, the learners are ‘knowledgeable doers’ within a management system. They have a basic background knowledge and understanding and will be working to some extent on their own, completing routine tasks, following procedures and implementing controls, while being monitored by a supervisor.
  3. Intermediate Level– This is a level suitable for learners on the path to  supervisory roles within a management structure, who have responsibility for instructing and training their colleagues on tasks and procedures, monitoring working practices and control procedures, taking corrective action, where necessary, reporting to management.

For further information on the Courses, visit the CIEH website:

CIEH ELearning courses remain available on the CIEH website: