Inspection and Sampling of Goods – The Environmental Health Officer’s Role

Environmental Health Officers inspect premises throughout the Council area and examine goods that are being offered for sale to ensure they are safe and often sample the goods.  These sampled goods can be tested in an accredited Laboratory to make sure they comply with the relevant safety standard.

When unsafe products are found, Environmental Health Officers can require shopkeepers to remove them from sale and can prevent manufacturers, importers and wholesalers from distributing them.  Officers can also seize unsafe or dangerous goods.

If unsafe goods are found, a system known as RAPEX Alerts is used by Environmental Health Services to notify similar Departments across the rest of Europe.  Similarly, if an unsafe product is found elsewhere in Europe, Fermanagh & Omagh District Council’s Environmental Health Service will be notified of the relevant details by means of a RAPEX Alert, so that Officers can visit premises concerned to ensure the product is not on sale in the Council area.