2021 Statement of Progress

SOP 2021

Statement of Progress

Fermanagh and Omagh’s interactive 2021 Statement Of Progress can be viewed by clicking this link:  


Legislation requires that every 2 years, Councils report a statement of progress to the public.  2019 Statement of Progress can by accessed by clicking this link http://bit.ly/FO2030StatementOfProgress,

A printed summary of the Statement of Progress will be available throughout the district over the coming months.

File Type Size Date
Emerging from Crisis Immediate Actions Report pdf 341 KB 25th October 2021
CP Review Document Full Version pdf 1 MB 25th October 2021
CP Review Quick Reference Guide pdf 6 MB 25th October 2021
Measuring Progress towards outcomes pdf 221 KB 25th October 2021
Action-Leads-Directory-November-2021 pdf 491 KB 19th November 2021
Report on CP Governance Review and Appendix pdf 769 KB 27th October 2021
Action Leads Directory June 2021 pdf 498 KB 16th November 2021
201110 RC Paper E Community Response pdf 149 KB 17th November 2021
FO 2030 Capacity Buillding Plan pdf 1 MB 25th November 2021
Carnegie Full Report w Recommendations pdf 945 KB 25th November 2021
Anti Poverty 10 Point Plan pdf 127 KB 29th November 2021