Events and Festivals Sponsorship - First Call

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council are now inviting online applications for Sponsorship from Event and Festival organisers that deliver events within the district.

Apply online using the Grant Manager

Events and Festivals Sponsorship will be continually OPEN until March 2023. During this OPEN roll out there will be designated Closing dates so applications received can be moderated and approved through Council procedures.

The Closing dates are:

Monday 28 February 2022
Monday 9 May 2022
Monday 5 September 2022
Monday 7 November 2022

All Events & Festivals must be applied for in advance to the actual commencement event date(s) and prior to closing dates highlighted above.
Events and festivals marking the Platinum Jubilee are eligible under this programme.

Event Categories:
Major 10,000+ attendees, applications must be submitted 6 Months before the event
Large 5,001 – 10,000 attendees, applications must be submitted 4 Months before the event
Medium 250 – 5,000 attendees, applications must be submitted 2 Months before the event

Small Community, Sports, Arts Events and festivals will not be considered under sponsorship. (Small events and festivals may apply to Community Wellbeing Grant Aid)
Please read the Sponsorship Outward Guidelines and Sponsorship Publicity Guidance before completing the online Sponsorship application.
For more information, please contact:-
Tel: 0300 303 1777, email: or textphone: 028 8225 6216

File Type Size Date
Council logo Black png 318 KB 8th October 2021
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Council logo white png 102 KB 8th October 2021
Sponsorship Publicity Guidance Notes pdf 522 KB 12th August 2021
Sponsorship Outward Guidelines pdf 751 KB 23rd November 2021
Guidelines to using the Council logo correctly pdf 485 KB 29th September 2021
Brand Guidelines for Department of Communities pdf 1 MB 23rd November 2021