Macmillan Move More Programme

What is the Move More programme?

The Move More programme is a physical activity initiative delivered in partnership between Macmillan and Fermanagh and Omagh District Council (FODC) which is available to anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis, at any stage of their life.

Move More supports the lives of people with cancer through physical activity. Physical activity before, during and after cancer treatment can help prevent and manage the effects of treatment, such as fatigue, depression and risks to heart health.

Who can take part in the Move More programme?

The Move More programme is suitable for everyone, regardless of type of cancer, where someone may be in their cancer journey, or when they received their diagnosis.

What support is available through the Move More programme?

Participants on the Move More programme are offered a minimum of 1 year’s support to become or remain physically active. This support can include, a 12-week gym membership at any of the 4 Council leisure centres, tailored gym sessions, swimming, walking groups, active daily living tasks (ADLs), home – workouts and much more!

The Move More programme also provides an opportunity to meet other people on their own cancer journey, reducing loneliness and isolation and just offering a chance to talk to people who understand what it’s like living with cancer.

When and where can I get involved in the Move More programme?

Day Time Location
Monday 9am - 3.30pm Omagh Leisure Complex
Tuesday 9am - 1pm Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen
Wednesday 9am - 3.30pm & 5pm - 7.30pm Omagh Leisure Complex
Thursday 9am - 7.30pm Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen
Friday 9am - 3.30pm Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen

The Macmillan Move More programme is delivered across the Fermanagh and Omagh district area. For further information regarding daily and weekly delivery, please contact Macmillan Move More Co – Ordinator (details below) or submit an enquiry form via link below and a member of the Move More team will get in touch to discuss.

How do I get involved in the Move More programme?

Referral to the Move More programme is a simple process!

People can self-refer, be referred by a cancer charity or by medical professionals such as CNS, Consultant, GPs etc.

Yes it really is that easy!!

If you would like to self-refer, please click the link below.

Self-Refer to the MM programme

Got a question or would like some more information?

If you have a query regarding the Move More programme or would like to speak with a member of the team, please complete the enquiry contact form via the link below and a member of the Move More team will contact you to discuss.

MM Enquiry Form

Programme Contact Details


Mobile: 074 649 802 50

Move More Resources

Macmillan Move More NI have a YouTube channel with a number of activities to suit a whole range of clients.

Check out the channel here!