Water Refill Station Locations


Fermanagh & Omagh District Council and Northern Ireland Water would like to invite you to ‘Join the Refillution,’ – our campaign encouraging everyone to refill a reusable water bottle with tap water and buy fewer, single use plastic bottles.

Figures from a recent Marine Litter report, conducted by Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful have revealed that 78% of litter collected on Northern Ireland’s beaches was plastic. Plastic is one of the few materials which never degrades completely in the natural environment; instead it breaks down into smaller pieces over a very long period of time.

Northern Ireland uses 145 million single use plastic bottles every year.

Across the UK, 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year, with the average person now using 150 plastic water bottles every year – that’s more than 3 a week. Many are discarded, and end up polluting our rivers and seas.

Staggeringly if just 1 in 10 refilled just once a week, we would save around 340 million plastic bottles a year.

Staying hydrated and reducing plastic waste is a win-win for everyone.


Why not take the NI Water Refillution pledge and start saving water and cutting down on single-use plastics today?

“I promise I’ll do my very best to:

  • Always refill from the tap
  • Always use a reusable bottle
  • Remember to carry my reusable bottle with me
  • Tell my friends about the #Refillution”

Each time you refill a reusable water bottle, you cut plastic pollution, get world-class water and save cash.

A Marine Litter Grant provided by DAERA, through the collaborative Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful partnership enabled the Council to install four Refill Water Stations, six Litter Picking Stations and a Solar Powered Compactor bin throughout the District.

The introduction of these initiatives will also support the Council’s commitment to Leave No Trace and reduce marine litter.

Find your local Contactless Water Refill Station listed below:

For more information about the campaign visit www.niwater.com/refillution

Or Telephone Fermanagh & Omagh District Council: 0300 303 1777