Guidance on New Developments

Developers are reminded that it is important that they submit proposals for the naming of the streets in developments to the Council as early as possible in the process.  This will hopefully allow an agreed name/s to be approved by Council before advertising literature is approved and produced.  Early approval of name/s will avoid confusion, which can be caused if properties are advertised under a name/s that is not subsequently approved.  It is also essential that other service providers such as BT, NIE, VLA etc have an approved name/s and numbering layout at the commencement of a development.

In carrying out this service under the above legislation the Building Control Department requires developers/applicants to submit a site location and layout plan of any proposed development together with details of the suggested name/s for the street/s with two other alternatives if possible.

An explanation why the name/s have been chosen should also be included.

(A proposed name/s should not be used unless and until Council has approved the name/s).

The Council prefers to see the use of appropriate name/s which have some local historical connection, but do not approve personal name/s.

The suggested name/s are brought to the Environmental Health Committee meeting for consideration and recommendation with preference generally given to the applicant’s first choice.

If the developer does not suggest a name or if the proposed name/s is deemed unacceptable the Council may decide on a name/s itself.

These guidance notes are intended to help all those concerned obtain early approval for appropriate names for roads/streets in new developments.