Community Engagement

Approach to Community Engagement

Community Engagement is about working together and engaging with individuals, local communities and organisations to identify their needs and ensure these influence how services are delivered and planned for in the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area.

There is no single definition of community engagement, but, broadly, it is when members of the public, either as individuals or as a community, are involved in decisions about service development, commissioning and delivery.

There has been extensive community engagement over the past 3 years which has informed the Community Plan and brought-about the Action Plan.

See details of 8 week consultation of Draft Action Plan here




File Type Size Date
Your Plan, Your Say pdf 362 KB 22nd August 2016


Stage 2

File Type Size Date
Stage 2 Report Economic Theme
pdf 307 KB 27th October 2015
Stage 2 Report Environmental Theme
pdf 336 KB 27th October 2015
Stage 2 Report Social Theme
pdf 358 KB 27th October 2015
150929 Stage 2 Environmental Draft Priorities
pdf 68 KB 30th September 2015
150928 Stage 2 Social Draft Priorities
pdf 59 KB 29th September 2015
Stage 2 Economic Draft Priorities
docx 28 KB 17th September 2015

Stage 1

File Type Size Date
Stage 1: Online Survey Results
pdf 60 KB 18th September 2015
Stage 1: Final Report on Social Themes
pdf 341 KB 18th September 2015
Stage 1: Final Report on Economic Themes
pdf 294 KB 18th September 2015
Stage 1: Community Meetings Survey Results
pdf 49 KB 18th September 2015
Stage 1 Final Report on Environmental Themes
pdf 251 KB 18th September 2015

Stage 3

File Type Size Date
Community Planning Participation Statistics 2015
pdf 54 KB 15th December 2015
Section 75 Engagement statistics
pdf 82 KB 15th December 2015
Community Planning Strategy Review 2015
pdf 728 KB 15th December 2015


File Type Size Date
Draft Action Plan Consultation Report
pdf 306 KB 12th April 2018
Community Planning Engagment Report 2015
pdf 428 KB 15th December 2015