Community Planning

Community Planning

The purpose of Community planning is to develop a long term vision and plan to improve quality of life in the Fermanagh and Omagh district based on a thorough analysis of needs and priorities. Community planning brings together partner organisations from the public, private and community/voluntary sectors working with local communities to deliver better public services.  A quick guide on Community Planning can be accessed here.

As the lead partner, the Council is responsible for making arrangements for community planning in its area. You can find out more about the statutory duty here.

The “Fermanagh Omagh 2030″ Community Plan is the overarching plan for the Fermanagh and Omagh district, bringing together the knowledge, expertise and collective resources of a wide range of partners, all working towards a single agreed vision. Please click here to view an interactive online version of the Plan.

A copy of our Community Planning Governance Framework and Guidance can be accessed here.

The Fermanagh Omagh 2030 Community Plan can be downloaded here. You can also access a copy of the most recent Strategic Partnership Board meetings here. 

The Fermanagh and Omagh Community Planning Partnership Communications Plan 2019 – 2021 can be downloaded here.

We have recently completed consultation with the community on the priorities and actions list in the Fermanagh and Omagh Community Plan.  You can download the report here 

Community Planning Progressing at pace! Find out more here! 

Merging of Community Planning Actions: The original Fermanagh and Omagh Community Plan 2030 Action Plan which was published in March 2018 had 52 actions.  Following a process of refinement, actions which had the same support partners were merged. Click here to see where 52 actions were merged to form the current 34 actions which are being led by Action Leads.