Further Blue Green Algae detected in waters in Fermanagh 

11th August 2023

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has received confirmation from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency that blue green algae has been detected in Lower Lough Erne, County Fermanagh in the vicinity of:

  • Castle Archdale
  • Muckross Bay, Kesh
  • Carrickduff, Upper Lough MacNean
  • Shoreline, Rushin House, Upper Lough MacNean, Belcoo

Blue green algae is a naturally occurring organism which can be found in loughs, rivers and ponds and is most prevalent between May to September due to increased temperatures and sunlight.  When in bloom it can produce toxins which pose a health risk to humans and animals, therefore, it is recommended that you avoid contact with the affected water and shoreline and ensure pets and animals are also kept away.

Blue green algae can bloom very quickly, therefore, residents and visitors are advised to exercise caution around waterways during periods of warm weather and bright sunlight.

The Council has erected signage to alert visitors and residents to the presence of blue green algae and to exercise caution in these areas.  The Council would continue to advise residents and visitors to be aware of the potential presence of blue green algae in any waterway in the District during periods of warm weather due to the potential risk to the health of humans and animals.

It is recommended that if you suspect there to be a presence you avoid contact with the water and the adjacent shoreline and report the issue to the Environmental Health Service and by clicking here for the Bloomin’ Algae App which is free to download from the AppStore or Google Play.