Council tackles the cost-of-living crisis through Performance Improvement Objectives for 2023-2024

5th July 2023

PIP launch

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is entering its final year of its Corporate Plan 2020-24 ‘Delivering Sustainable Change Together 2020-2024’. This Plan sets out the key activities which the Council will undertake to ensure that it is making an impact ​in the district by working in partnership to improve the lives and well-being of our communities and provide the best quality experience for those visiting the district.

The Performance Improvement Plan ‘Sustainable  Approach to Delivery: A Whole System Approach 2023-2024’ sets out the Improvement Objectives which the Council has prioritised and retained against a backdrop of formidable challenges, including significant financial pressures, budget reductions, the cost of living crisis, and global geopolitical instability. 

The Council stands firm in its unwavering dedication to fostering improvement in the district. The Improvement Objectives, carefully selected and prioritised for the upcoming year, underscore the Council’s commitment to driving positive change and ensuring a thriving future for Fermanagh and Omagh. 

Part 12 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014 sets out a General Duty of Improvement for Local Government, whereby all district councils must put in place arrangements to secure continuous improvement in the exercise of their functions. The Council is required to set annual improvement objectives and to have in place arrangements to achieve these objectives. The Council recognises improvement to mean ‘activity that enhances the sustainable quality of life and environment for ratepayers and communities’. 

This is the seventh Annual Improvement Plan which seeks to tackle global and regional issues at a local level and help Fermanagh and Omagh to flourish. The Improvement Objectives are:  

  • We will protect the environment and improve its sustainability.  
  • We will work in partnership to tackle disadvantage, with a focus on reducing poverty to ensure our people have equal access to opportunities. 
  • We will work to accelerate economic recovery and job creation, enhancing skills and providing opportunities for sustained employment. 

Commenting on the Improvement Objectives, Chairman Cllr Thomas O’Reilly said:  

‘This is a very ambitious improvement plan, which seeks to address some of the most challenging issues facing our residents today including the cost-of-living crisis, the climate emergency and job creation and skills.  

This Improvement Plan is a testament to our Council’s commitment to not only meeting our statutory obligations but also making sure that we support our communities through these challenging times’.  

Further information, including the PIP 2023-2024 A Sustainable Approach to Recovery: A Whole System Approach can be downloaded here 

Alternatively, please email telephone the Council on 0300 303 1777 to obtain this in an alternative format or seek further information or clarity.